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2010 YA Book Challenge

So one of my goals for next year (I will post the full list at another date) is to participate in the 2010 YA Debute Author Challenge. The general goal is to read at least 12 YA Debute novels 2010. I think that will be a piece of cake. I have already read one, the Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard writerjenn . I did a small blurb on my blog and longer over at GoodReads (I have a link in my sidebar). So, if you are already a YA junkie, hop on over to the Story Siren and check it out.

As of right now I plan to read the following: Hex Hall, Body Finder, The Mark, The Tension of Opposites, The Line, Princess for Hire, Magic Under Glass, DUFF, The Replacement, and I know think Tessa Grotten's book Blood Magic is coming out. The Story Siren has links to a list of bebut authors, so go check it out.

As always, HAPPY READING!!!

Hugs and Encouragement!!
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