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What Do Edits and Holiday Movies Have In Common?

1) They make me happy. I know you wouldn't think so given my wailing the past two weeks.  Editing does make me happy when I'm not slapping the butt of my palm to my forehead because I'm flawed.  When I cut myself a break, allowing room for the homonym errors (there when I mean their) or leaving out pesky little details I know but my beta readers don't know (You mean you want to know how they get the money to run all over the world? Hmm, I guess I don't say that in the 80.000 words I've written.  Who can be bothered with money when the world needs saving?)  I'm human. I fix them and move on.

2) My editing of Diyari Chronicles I will be finished Sunday/Monday and I will do a happy dance as I pass out the 4th Draft to virgin Beta Readers.  Fingers crossed I have closed all holes and deweeded silly adverbs, and pummeled homonyms.

3) So this brings me to holiday movies.  I am sooo stoked about holiday movies   The obvious is "It's A Wonderful Life."  I think anyone who doesn't love that movie is heartless. I mean come on! According to that movie countless angels are made at Christmas time.  "Everytime a bell rings an angel getst its wings". Think of all those Salvation Army donation bell ringers.  See?  A lot of angels!!!

Also in the classic arena is Miracle on 34th Street.  I love it everytime.  Poor Santa on trial.  But the love of Christmas prevails!!

Then there are my comedic movies:  A Christmas Story.  How there are people walking this planet who have never seen this movie is beyond me.  Come on people TBS (or TNT) plays it for 24 hours Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.  If you have not seen it, you must.  Just to see Ralphie's friend stick his tongue to the pole or Santa's elves push Ralphie down the slide after chanting "You'll put your eye out" because he wants a BB-gun.  Or the dogs eating the Christmas dinner and the family eating dinner at an Asian restaurant.   You get the point.

And then Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.  Clark Griswald is the man of lights. He has inspired husbands around the US to create such brightness at the holidays.  And his brother-in-law with the emptying the trailer toilet into the city sewer . . . hahahahahaha.  Oh that movie is soooo stinking funny.

Do you have favorite Christmas movies?

Hugs & Encouragement!
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