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Editing, How I Love Thee. Let Me Count The Ways . . .

5) I love the moment I finish an edited draft.  I know this new draft is better, smoother.  I don’t need outside validation.  I know it is better. In that moment I feel like a master writer. My thinking is clear, my fingers tingle.  I could walk on water.  If only I could bottle this moment and those feeling and drink them when I read over the same words two months later.  I’m still convinced faeries either change the story or spit in my eye . . . But this is my confession of love and I digressed.


4) I love playing with the best playmates around . . . words.  That first draft I play with the words that are available. During the edits I reconnect with the words I've forgotten, because they are hidden in a cobweb-covered trunk.  Oh, to bring those words out and play . . . It is exhilarating.  Mellifluous . . . nefarious . . . gastroenterology (okay, maybe that one can stay in the trunk).


3) I’m sure you’ve noticed I am a Chatty Cathy.  It is a blessing and a curse.  In my writing it’s a curse.  Editing allows me to exorcise verbosity demons.  Those ugly smelly things devour a story.  “I command you leave, Wordiness.  I command you leave, Stupid Metaphor.  I command you leave, Redundant Phrase.”  Crap, I’m out of holy water . . .


2) I become a better writer.  Each time I pick a better word, contemplate a scene, consider my plot (all its nuisances) I’m becoming a better writer.  I see the transformation with each draft.  Sometimes I want the transformation to happen faster, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If I still had holy water I could’ve ousted that cliché.


1)My story is better!  And at the end of the day, I want a GREAT, FANTASTIC, story. I want my characters to be the best they can be.  I want to honor them, their journey.  With a few less demons around, I see things I missed.  I see each character’s strengths and flaws (more than I initially saw) and I appreciate his/her journey all the more.  When I see the threads of my plot come together to make beautiful tapestry, I can’t help but smile.  I am always amazed that the plot and people came out of my head.  I feel honored that the story chose me as its scribe.  I pray I haven’t screwed it up.



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