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Friday Five

For those curious folk: Yes, I really liked Brave. (If you remember, I was eager to see it last weekend.) And I really like this review of the movie by author Kiersten White. (She always makes me smile and laugh.) This review is a response to critics. I'll admit, I was surprised by the plot . . . how in the world did Pixar keep it secret? Or maybe I was just living under a rock. My suprise did NOT dampen my enjoyment one bit.

I have nothing planned this weekend!

The Top Twenty have been chosen on So You Think You Can Dance! Here is their first dance: (I LOVE Mia Michaels...she is brilliant!!)

Still losing weight. Technically, I only have 12 more pounds to get to my initial goal. BUT...I think I will be the overachiever that I am and lose15-20 more.

Still mentally working on Whispers.

Hugs & Encouragement (& DFTBA)
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