October 3rd, 2009



Hey everyone!  Most of you know this was bound to happen . . . me, my computer, and my fingers doing my gabbing for me.  Also, most of you know I have been spending a lot of quality and quantity time with my girl Ebony (the name of my computer).  We have been working on writing a great trilogy.  In a moment of optimism I decided to start up my blog so when my trilogy hits bookshelves I will have a place to chat with the masses (see look at that, unadulterated optimism).  But most importantly, I wanted to keep my close friends . . . and anyone else who cares . . . up to date on my latest writing, reading, and baking celebrations and catastrophes.

For those who have not been up to speed with the latest happenings in my life, here is the short and dirty.  I decided this year was the year.  No more excuses.  No more dodging or hedging.   I would write a story from start to finish.  Secretly I expected I to get bored or stumped by page ten, toss, yet another spiral to the side, and go on my happy-go-lucky way.  Well, two months later I typed "The End" on a 400 page story.  And started writing the sequel, knowing the third book patiently waited in the shadows.  Now, two books later, five story ideas later, I have decided that I need to take the writing thing a bit more seriously.  Many of you have been chirping in my ear about this for years.  But you all know I am slow, stubborn, and well . . . me.  But when I get it, I get it.

Three weeks ago I hit my first speed bump in my writing journey . . . I came home from church and found my computer clinging to life.  I rushed her to Best Buy.  The clerk did the ominous inhale of breath and stated, "I should prepare myself for the purchase of a new computer."  Haha!  I laugh in his face.  The gods smiled down on me and my computer and reunited us after three weeks of anguish (no this is not an overstatement).  I decided--OK, Mary Ann from work helped me--to name my computer Ebony.  Mandy gave me some lovely keyboard covers to brighten up Ebony's return home.  Today we edited a chapter and played on the internet from the comfort of my sofa.  And now I write my first blog.  

There wil be more . . . they will be more exciting . . .and not as long.  I will chat about books, baking, writing.  It seems I have a number of baking and writing guffaws so blogs about those adventures may run rampant.

I am still learning how this system works . . . you all know I act like I grew up with an abacus.  So be nice to me as I fumble my way through this new world.

Thanks for stopping by . . . hope to chat with you again. 

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