October 4th, 2009


Book One Synopsis

Synopsis: The balance between good and evil has always been maintained by the Spirited, those who are divinely gifted with abilities to protect and save. Suddenly, Spirited children are being murdered and the Spirited learn that one of the Diyari, an ancient book that holds the names of all those who are gifted, is missing and a second book is targeted for apprehension by the Dark World.

     Azer learns that her tendency to see demonic people and her restless nights plagued with horrifying dreams are actually insights into her rare and unique Spirited ability that will enable her to save the Diyari and countless lives. As she sets out to retrieve the Diyari with other Spirited, she discovers her feelings for her best friend, Nathan run deeper than she realized. And Nathan has a few secrets that make their relationship just as uniquely powerful as her ability. Together they are a threat to the Dark World, who is determined to get to the Diyari before Azer and destroy her and all who get in their way.


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Well, what can I say today?  It's rainy and I am without a good book to read.  Ballad has not made it to our bookstores in Oklahoma for some inexplicable reason.  And allergies fog my brain.  So reading Jane Austen is not appealing.  I think it is an Alfred Hithcock day . . . maybe a little Vertigo or The Birds.  I did accomplish some editing on book two in the Diyari Chronicles.  I edit while I await feedback from my lovely Beta Readers and Mandy (see Mandy, special mention) regarding book one.  I know it is crazy to write three books without an agent in sight.  But the words keep coming and every time I think about contacting agents, my brain goes numb, my stomach aches, and I get all weird.  I think it is my way of saying I need more time to grow and adapt to the new path I have placed myself upon.  Plus, in the beginning this little jaunt was for me, just to see if I could do it.  I have.  Yeah, me! 

I am narrowing down my songs for Book Three as I mentally outline the plot in my head.  I think my Beta Readers and Mandy will be pleased with the playlist and how things work out for the main characters. 

You will notice I posted the synopsis for Book One, The Diyari Chronicles:  The Book of the Spirited (working title).  I know some of you have not been subjected to the craziness of me writing a book.  A thesis and dissertation don't count.  Those aren't books, those are antiquated torturing devices.  I digress.  Don't fret when I start writing book three you will hear plenty about me stumbling in to work with dark cirlces under my eyes, because I got an idea at 3 am.  Or a character will acost me while I sleep and plead their case for a plot alteration in their favor.  Yes, I have friends armed with the local psychiatric hospital on speed dial just in case I blur the line between fantasy and fiction.  I am happy to say, reality continues to reign in my world.  Editing seems to keep me grounded, focused.

Well, Alfred Hithcock awaits. . . .

Hugs and Encouragement to you!
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