October 12th, 2009



Today is a good Monday morning. I just finished working out with one of my beta readers, Jen (a.k.a Punctuation Ninja).  Jen gave me back my book and gave me great feedback. First, she took her job seriously and found flaws.  Thank goodness . . . I want to make it irresistable.  Second, she said she liked  . . . no, no, loved the book and can see it published (from her mouth to God's ears, so he can whisper it into an agent's ears). And third, she said she was Team Aarom. Of course this means nothing to you because you don't know my characters.  But it is good, because no one likes the guy.  I didn't even like him (I wanted to kick him off a cliff at one point) until book two.  He is growing on me--like a fungus (I'll say mushroom fungus, I like mushrooms, they're yummy and pretty to look at).  I will give you a quick character rundown below. I know I've been closed lipped about the book, but know there are reasons behind that . . .beyond insecurity.  But, hey, I did post the synopsis.  When I get feedback from my other Jen, I will pass it on.  So the cast of characters.

Azer Gray:  Heroine and protagonist.  She is a Chosen and gifted with many abilities. Protector of Diyari, Sacred book of Spirited. 
Nathan Oliver:  Best friend and Seer of future.  Good guy and in love with Azer.
Grandma Ruth:  Azer's guardian and maternal grandmother.  Wise and a Seer.
Meeka Sterling:  Azer's cousin, gifted Healer, 13-year-old smarty-mouth, but dearly loved by Azer
Caleb and Naomi Sterling: Parents of Meeka, Wise and no Spirited gift, respectively.  Deeply in love with each other and watch out for Azer, comrades for Mr. Frasier. 
Jonathan Frasier: Guaridan in Spirited World, trainer of Azer, and gifted with Knowledge
Rebekah Frasier: Daugher of Mr. Frasier, gifted with Knowledge and sneaky . . . real sneaky.  Crushing on Aarom?
Hannah Frasier: Younger daughter of Mr. Frasier, gifted with Wisdom.  Major crush on Nathan . . .I understand Hannah, he's yummy.
Aarom Bartholomew:  Son of two Protectors, lives with Frasier's.  Arrogant and mysterious. Is he good guy or bad guy? Is he smitten with Azer? 
Saul Cassiel:  Antagonist, The ultimate bad guy, gifted with Miracles.  He likes the chase as much (or more) than the kill. Wants to kill off Spirited.
Kadar Cassiel (I'm thinking of changing name to David to fit with the family names and his story line with Saul): Who knows whose team Kadar bats for, gifted Healer among other things,
Jaeger: Saul's right hand man.  Mind reader and tracker.  He is hard core, don't mess with him.
There are more bad guys, but they are interchangeable really.