October 13th, 2009



Since July, Ebony (my computer) and I have enjoyed hardcore editing. I love editing for many reasons. There is something about thinking up the perfect word, flushing out your idea, writing the details in a way I can feel the sweat sling from my characters when they fight. And I love cutting wordy areas.  If you have not noticed . . .  brevity is not my thing. Never has been.  So when I exorcise the verbosity demon, I feel uplifted, liberated. 

That being said, I REALLY LOVE to write the story. The first draft.   I love to sit down with one scene in mind and write something different and love it, laugh at it, wow myself. I love when I have that moment of clarity--the one where the story falls into place chapter by chapter.  I love creating.  And for 3 months my creativity was shackled. For the first month I didn't mind.  I knew how book three would end, no worries.  By the second month I had my "pivotal dialogue scene" in my head, playing on a continuous loop, no off switch.  Then at month three, I identified 7 songs perfect for scenes I held in my head or scribbled in my notebook and my computer started seducing my fingers, begging them to type new words for a new story.  I have resisted the siren call until today.

Even with three chapters left to proof on book two and a beta reader tapping her foot, I did it. I typed eight glorious, cathartic pages for book three. No title other than "The Diyari Chronicles: XXX"  I just had to start it. I have songs picked for the playlist.  I have two dialogue scenes typed. This baby was ready to go.  I had to do it.  If only I was this eager about finding an agent.  But I digress.  Tonight, my fingers relieved of their restless energy happily proof read the third to the last chapter for book two.  It will be an evening of brilliant editing . . .