October 14th, 2009


CelebrateGoodTimesComeOn . . .

Today is the day I finished the computer corrections from my pencil edits of The Diyari Chronicles, Book 2, Hidden Darkness. 

I will read the draft next week and do more fine tuning and then it's off to Mandy's and Sonia's house for a little beta reading fun. Of the two books I have tackled to date, I like this one the best. Why?  First, I would like to think my writing is better.  Second, I am a sucker for a back story.  Book two lets you know why everyone was running around in book one.   Thirdly, I am a sucker for storylines that leave you wondering if someone is good or evil.   I mean what is up with Kadar?  And Aarom . . . is he really being kind, being a friend?  And the spy in the house . . . sure maybe you figure it out by the end, but what will it mean for that character in the future.  Fourth, as much as I hate'em, I love'em.  A love triangle.  And when they make you squirm . . . I hate/love them all the more. Nathan and Aarom are good guys.  And last, I love a book two ending in a trilogy that makes you wonder what the characters will do next.  Sure you may have an idea, but you can't guess everything.  HeeHee Hee.

OK, I get to go read Fire by Kristin Cashore.  

Hugs and Encouragment! 

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