October 16th, 2009



First things first.  I am going to the U2 concert for FREE.  Yes, you read correctly. FREE.  I love the way that word sounds and tastes on my tongue.  YUMMO!!!

I did not get Hush Hush today.   Borders had not received it yet.  REALLY?? What is up with bookstores not carrying desired books.  I did get my NEW MOON Soundtrack and then promptly gave it my dear friend Mandy.  HotTopics did not get their full order--Preorder apparently means nothing.  Mandy has a road trip and I figured she could use the new music in the car.    

I checked out the website for an up and coming author. Jen Nadol.  Her young adult book The Mark comes out January 2010.  I am stoked about it.   You should check out her website:  http://www.jennadolbooks.com/blog/ 

I started doing my read through edits of draft two today.  That is when I read over my draft a little faster in order to see if I can capture the flow of the story and see the wordy parts I may have missed when I did the pencil corrections.  It always amazes me how many wordy areas still exist.  Typically after I word dump in the first draft I cut 2 pages from each chapter in the second draft.  But there are more words to cut, more things to clarify.  I also decided to change two names.  Kadar is no longer a name in the book.  When I came to the first chapter he is mentioned, I said, "Who the heck is . . .?"  Then I remembered.  Ava is now Eve.  I had too many "A" names.  There is a  scene with Azer, Aarom, and Ava (now Eve).   It's an alliteration gone bad.  

I need to go finish Fire, by Kristin Cashore.  I dreamed about that book ALL NIGHT.  Not about the evil plot to destroy three kingdoms.  I care about that, I do.  No, what kept me tossing and turning was the fact I am on page 330 of 450 page book and two characters are in love, neither thinks they can be with the other so they deny their feelings for each other. Everyone knows they love each other.  So come on . . . for crying out loud. For all that is holy . . . KISSSSSS. I can't handle it.  Just Kiss. Brigan, grab Fire.  Tell her you love her.  Then stop the evil guy.