October 24th, 2009


SoClose & ApartmentFire

I have three more chapters to read through for book two and then my baby goes to visit my beta readers.  I told Mandy she would get it Monday or Tuesday and she squealed. And said her stomach flipped.   Really?  For my book?  Come now . . . stop. You'll make me blush.  Anyway. I am so stoked about book three.  And I suspect that is what she is really excited about. She is ready for book three and reading the changes for book two is a necessary evil.  Poor thing.  And BTW, I have adjusted to the name change with relative ease. I believe Kadar has found a new name, a better name, a name I can rest with.  I was worried because when Mandy and J.P. told me Branden (original name for Nathan) was horrid, it took me two books, 6 drafts, and four beta readers to get me to call him Nathan all the time.  Now he is decidely Nathan and if anyone asks me to change it I will beat them up. . .okay, I won't beat them up, I will just give them the stank eye. 

Oh, you know how writers share the nightmare your MS will be ruined by some computer virus or your jump drive will be erased by a magnetic name badge? . . .Okay maybe the details are specific to me but the gist of the idea is the fear something will happen to your MS.  No, nothing has happened to my MS. If something happened to it I would be in a psychiatric hospital, wrapped in a white vest, drooling on myself, and doped up on mind numbing pills.  Nope, this story gets at the foundation for said fears. So I live in an apartment and my neighbors below decide to light a fire . . . on their patio . . . with lighter fluid . . . while they slam down a few brewskies.  REALLY???? First, it is clear they cannot read. The leasing agreement bands WOOD/COAL burning entities on patio. Why? Because you live in a mutlifamily dwelling made of wood.  And coal and wood have a tendency to burn uncontrollably and BURN DOWN multifamily dwellings made of wood.  Their little Friday night good times chased me away from my apartment because the smoke enfultrated my entire apartment. Even today it smells like I had one hell of a marshmellow roast in my place. My point about fear about MS? Well, I had two thought processes going full speed during this. . . whatever you want to label it.  One focused on whether or not it is safe for me to yell at my neighbors who are drunk, with lighter fluid, and an open flame at 11 pm.  After choking and talking with Mandy and her husband, I decided to yell (in a polite you're-choking me tone) to them.  They were cool about not burning my apartment down when I told them they were. The second thought?  This is why I have two jump drives and carry my writing notes with me at all times. I live with a bunch of yahoos and one day one of them is going to burn down my apartment.  Although I am a psychologist and I don't subscribe to mental illness stigmas, I don't want to live in psychiatric hospital. Okay, rant over.  Lessons: 1) Don't be the yahoo neighbor; 2)  Always keep multiple jump drives and writing notebook with you.

Hugs and Encouragement
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