October 26th, 2009


NaNo . . .BringItOn!

OK before I give the NaNo update, I just want to say I have AWESOME friends.  If you read my blog you know I am all about the writing and a bit slow about the hunting down an agent.  I am working on that issue.  Really . . . don't look at me like that.  Your eyes will get stuck that way. Tsk!Tsk!  So this morning I am telling my friend JP (a fabulous beta reader) about my plan to do NaNo and my various rationale.  She was 100% supportive . . . after we had a long talk about my staying on target with my February (arbitrary decision I hate that I voiced to people) date to send out Diyari Chronicles, Book One, Book of Spirited.  She was all business.  Hardcore business.  I was sweating . . .yes I know I was strapped to the horrid beastly Eliptical machine.  But this sweat was not a product of the 6 cookies (ok 9 cookies) I ate this weekend. Nope.  This sweat came from the interrogation light that shown brightly in my face, pressing down on my skin, forcing confessions to the surface.  She was quoting back to me my previous (and just this morning) hedges, dodges, weaves, and convenient amnesia moments.  I kinda got the impression that she would support me selling my first born, before supporting me not sending book to an agent in February.  After I assured her I have moved gracefully, and admittedly tortus speed, toward a place of writing regardless of feedback, she put away the interrogation light, made the sign of the cross, and splashed Holy water at me.  Okay, so she did not cross herself, and she accidentally sprayed me with the equipment cleaner.  The point is, she acquiesced to my looming writing adventure.   I like that she spoke up and held me to my word.  She knows me well.  Maybe too well. . . .hmmm.  This could be good and bad. . . . but I digress.

So NaNo.  I have pondered over idea and by jove, I think I have it.  I have known for months the first line . . . The main character ransacked my dreams until I heaved myself from my bed at 3 am in July and wrote it down on a piece of paper.  I transferred it to a notebook at a reasonable hour later that morning.  I know how the book will end and I know major parts I want to write in the middle.  So inhale, and breathe in the aroma of this teaser:  Lina Alexanader has a secret behind why she does not date, and why she doesn't want to fall in love.  She has carried the secret since she was 13 years old.  And at 35 it is becoming too heavy to shoulder alone . . . Oh, I love a secret!!!  So, the book will involve secrets, falling in love, murder, friendship, forgiveness, and humor.  Oh and there will be cake.  A lot of cake. 

Last thing to update: One copy of Diyari Two is resting in Mandy's house tonight.  I hope she does not Tonya Harding me when she reads the adjusted ending.  I'll keep you posted.

Hugs and Encouragment!