October 31st, 2009


NaNoWriMo Means Blog Silence

OK, OK not total silence. But it will be the most silent I can get.  Playlist is finished.  My notebook is full of character information.  I have significant scenes and dialogues either in head or roughly (very roughly scratched) in notebook. I have snack foods in pantry.  IPod is updated.  Ebony (computer) is working well . . . minus her sudden aversion to importing CD's into my ITunes Library.  WTF??!!  N.E.Wayz.  Let's see, I have synopsis/summary written.  I think that is it. I think this ship is ready to sail the ocean when the clock strikes midnight.  Well, it won't hit the open waters until tomorrow afternoon. I am about to get dressed for a Halloween party.  Yeap . . . a PARTAY!!! I am going as the game Twister. And no, you can not touch the dots after you spin the spinner.  Jeez, what do I look like?  Oh, a Twister board.  Hmmm, maybe I should have given this outfit purchase more thought.

Anyway, I will do weekly checkins . . . maybe.  I am LittleDickens at the NaNoWriMon website. 

Best Wishes!!
Hugs and Encouragment!!

BTW, the song I am listening to is the theme for my NaNo book.  Nice, huh? 
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