November 8th, 2009


Do You Hear What I Hear?

Can you hear it?  What are you listening for?  My sigh of relief.  This week was CRAZY!!!   Here is a list of why--

1.  Diyari Chronicles:  I had set a goal to spend at least one hour each day on book three of my trilogy.  This required me to figure out what the antagonist was doing.  I figure someone needs to know what webs and traps Saul lays.  Given that I am his creator, it had better be me.  Now that I know, my characters can start to figure it out. 

2.  NaNO:  I had to meet my NaNo weekly goal by Friday day because one of my dear friends (Tara) came in to town for a baby shower I hosted on Saturday.  Company and hosting party meant . . . NO writing time.  I stopped writing Friday at 2:30 and I had 14,500 words nailed down (my weekly goal).  I like my characters a lot!  And I guess I should, they have been camped out in my mind since July.

How does one write two stories, work 40 hours, and read a book? Very carefully, tha's how.  In all seriousness, the two books are vastly different. Diyari is fantasy and has  alot of rules, requires a lot of thinking, strategic planning in the first 7 chapters and then it writes itself. . . the characters to do their thing and I enjoy the ride.  My NaNo book, is more Edgar Allen Poe, Alfred Hithcock in nature.  So it is a slow build, slight of hands kind of action.  The only rule:  don't let the audience see the smoke and mirrors. Oh, and it helps that I go to bed late and wake up early (the staying up late it innate, the getting up early is self-inflicted . . . I have to work out at some point in the day). 

3. Baby Shower:  My friend, J.P.--beta reader extraordinaire and undergraduate buddy--is having her first baby on Jan 2, 2010 (I am trying to get Allie (the baby) to come at 12:01 on Jan 1, we'll see how amenable she is to my suggestion).  I hosted the shower.  And, those of you who know me, know I love to entertain and I love to cook.  You also know I have a lot of kitchen mishaps (i.e., forgotten sugar in cake, 3rd degree burn on arm removing pie from oven).  But I am happy to say, the two quiches (lorraine and mediterranean), vanilla cupcakes with pumpkin cream chees frosting, cranberry apple buttter, and fruit salad were prepared without an interesting story.  Or at least nothing interesting to you. It was interesting for Tara and I to sample the cupcakes. 

4.  I made Tara stay up Friday night and finish Catching Fire; she loved it.  The fact she loved it, confirms why we are friends.  However, the fact she likes the predecessor Hunger Games better, does give me pause.  Hmmm.

Now Tara is gone, laundry is going, my characters are all shouting ideas in my head and my fingers are ready to type them into my computer.  Next week will be a casual walk in the park . . .

Hugs and Encouragement!!