November 9th, 2009


Gold Star Writing Day

If you have been reading, you know that I am in the throws of NaNo.  I wrote another 2,000 words today. Woot! Woo!  What I wrote was decent.  Nothing to write home about.  And nothing to prompt me to request another brain.  So why the title for this blog?  If you have been reading, you know that I am doing NaNo as a distraction.  I needed something to slow down my writing for book three in my trilogy.  I really want feedback from my readers. You know, make sure I am on the right track, heading to the right station.  Good idea in theory. Who can work a full time job and write two books?  I gave book two of my trilogy to my beta readers and Mandy. All except one is dealing with life at the moment.  I figured it would take the one, who can read now, at least one month to read it and one month for me to write up to chapter seven in book three.  For some reason I always feel like I am walking through molasses when I write the first seven chapters.  Shucks, up until Wednesday of last week, I did not even know what my antagonist was doing in book three.  Regardless, I was safe.  I felt good about my new found ability to write at a human's pace, not like some android doped up on crack. 

Until today.  Everything changed today. 

I sat down to do one hour of writing on book three.  Just enough time to show a little love to the Diyari characters (i.e., polish up some pages or write part of a chapter (a scene)).  Then I was going to devote the remainder of my writing time to NaNo.  Those were my plans at six o'clock this morning.  What actually happened?  I'm glad you asked.  I wrote for three hours on book three.  And I wrote an AMAZING chapter.  My characters said things, I didn't know they were thinking.  I felt proud and afraid for my main character.  He has stepped up in a way that surprised me and everyone in the room with him.  When I read over the character's break out performance, I considered it may not be true to him.  As I reflected on his book one presentation I noticed the seedling of the man he became today.  I felt like a proud parent. The only thing dampening my mood is the knowledge that his actions today lead to a lot of pain for the female lead.  She senses it coming, thankfully.  And the impending dialogue between the two lead characters was written before I completed book two, I simply did not know what led to the scene.  Today I found out. It is painful.  Apparently, I am sadistic.   

Needless to say, I want nothing more than to finish book three.  Unfortunately, I hit the place of knowing two chapters and two weeks too soon.  I felt the tug today when I turned to my NaNo story. My love for it is hidden in shadows.  Or maybe I simply used my writing mojo this morning.  And adding to the writing high is the feedback I received from the only beta reader not being beat up by life at them moment.  She raved about book two.  Well, the 1/3 she has read.  She may be throwing darts at my picture when she reads the last two chapters.  It's book two . . . you gotta have a cliffhanger and I do.  Yikes!  According to her, I must run, not walk to get book published. If only it was so simple.

Anyway, I wanted to share a great day of writing, a day I wrote something unexpected and amazing.  Fingers crossed I will have more brilliant days with both books. . . and those in the distant future.

Hugs and Encouragement!