November 14th, 2009


Week In Review

This week felt like a frolic through the park. No baby shower, no friend coming to visit, and a day off in the middle of the week. On my day off I got my car serviced and totally think I got scamed by Honda. I think they have fallen prey to the poor economy. In what way? I believe the service department made up problems in order to supplement their sagging bottom line. Not cool Honda and someone is going to get a letter from me.

But those two hours in the service department were overshadowed by good times. I spent several hours in the bookstore--my mecca. I had lunch at the park with a friend. We read a gossipy mag's article about Rob Pattinson. And then I came home and hammered out a few words for my NaNo story. BTW I am just shy of 30,000 words on NaNo journey. I can't wait until it is done, so I can print it out and see how the story reads from beginning to end. My fear is it will read like a group of monkeys wrote it.

One beta reader finished book two. I know, right? So quick. She just raved about it. I doubt that I have suddenly become the Renoir of writting overnight. I know it needs some polishing, but she wasn't offering anything. Then again, she is the reader that gives me feedback on the overall pulse of the book. Specifics ain't her thing. I am hoping my other readers will offer up a little bit more in the way of constructive criticism when it comes to book two. After all, if I am going to face the publishing dragon in February, I want to be armed appropriately.

I finished Peace Like A River, by Lief Enger. I am humbled by the writing. The story was good. I was saddened by the ending, but I also understand it. I won't say anything more than that . . . no spoilers here. I will write my review at Good Reads ( I have a link in side bar).

As alway, Hugs and Encouragement.