November 21st, 2009


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Here is the New Moon Trivia I subjected my friends to on opening night of New Moon. It is only 10 questions, but that was all that was needed to spark a debate about answers . . . keep in mind we are talking about the New Moon book and not what we learn in later books about certain characters . . . . that will give you a clue about one of the debated questions if you know the series. I will post the answers tomorrow . . . of course you can look them up.

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Writing Update

With all the New Moon mania I totally forgot to do my weekly writing update.

Beta Readers . . . Mandy is working on book two, she spent several days on one scene and kept asking me questions about the character. She assures me she just wanted a peak inside my head. Hmmm. I got many people roaming around in there. It's cramped quarters and a lot scary . . .

Diyari 3 . . . Tragedy struck. After an amazing performance by one character last week, I have been searching for the connecting event that moves the book forward. Two days I wrote a chapter ending that just felt wrong. Then it hit me. I knew before I began book three, two people would die (significant and insignificant). I learned who and how this week. I woke up at 6 am and typed the scene. At first I felt nothing. I knew the decision was the right one for the story and character development. I was all logic. Then I got in the shower. Logic swirled down the drain and I was left with emotion. Raw emotion. The significant character has been with me for soo long . . . I cried on my way to work and again when I told one of my beta readers. It was a sad day. I made it past that scene to watch the character I celebrated last week do something awful. I knew it was coming, so did the character on the receiving end. It still hurt. It still made me mad. I think I have two more chapters of torture before every one is officially angry enough to start kicking some tail.

NaNo . . . I hit 40,00 words on Wednesday. I have not written since then. New Moon took over. I'll write when I finish this post. I got a bit derailed this week . . . about two pages (maybe three). I have done worse. I have written chapters that I have deleted the next day, after my characters have voiced their disagreement while I slept. So three pages is nothing.

Oh, I won an ARC from Jennifer Hubbard -- writerjenn. Her debut novel The Secret Year looks great. I'm reading Shadowland by Alyson Noel. I'll keep you posted on both books.

Hugs and Encouragement!