November 22nd, 2009


New Moon Trivia Answers

As promised, the answers to the New Moon Trivia questions. I put page numbers by most answers. If you have not taken the quiz . . . no cheating.

1. False
2. b (the different incidents are peppered throughout book) This sparked a debate. Laurent approaches her while she is looking for the meadow pg 234.
3. c
4. d pg 325
5. Chapter 20-21: Aro, Jane, Felix, Jane, Marcus, Caius, Demetri (Demetri and Felix are the alley greeters).
6. c pg 48
7. a pg 372
8. b pg 319 (I know in later books we learn who really is the alpha, but in New Moon we are told this).
9. b pg 3
10. e (meant to be b) pg 525