December 4th, 2009


Writing, Editing, Writing, Editing . . .

This week has been a writing and editing teeter-totter. First I had to grapple with the idea of setting aside writing for editing. The internal debate was so strong, I had to step away from both tasks on Monday. I spent more money on the Twilight Saga . . . Yes, I have seen New Moon three times. I am just that pathetic. I would like to say I am working to get better, but I'd be lying. But I digress.

Back to my internal turmoil. Currently, in draft one, book three of the Diyari Chronicles, my characters are suffering. In contrast, in draft four, book one of the Chronicles, my characters are happy (for most of the book) and ready to have their story polished for presentation. All the beta readers have spoken. I have identified a few little things I want to change. I just need to compile all comments and sit down with Ebony (my lovely computer). I think I can still make my self-imposed February deadline.

Leave characters hanging in book three or focus on February deadline?

Well, the excitement about addressing the issues in book one, won out. The problem? Editing ALWAYS takes me three times longer than I think it will. ALWAYS!!! All week I have done hard copy edits so I can add beta reader comments to the hard copy MS. I am just over half way done with my edits. I haven't touched the the beta reader binders. And last night my characters, who I left hanging in book three, kicked my butt. I dreamed about their situation ALLLLLL NIGHT long. They clearly are not pleased with my decision to leave them in deep poo. So, I have decided to lock myself in my apartment this weekend and hang out with my characters in book one. Something has to give.

So, I will be a bit silent for a few days, but it is all good here in Diyari world. I am just dealing with the demands of my inner editor so I can get back to the demands of my characters. It is so hard for me to get to sleep . . . I fight to achieve it. I am not about to hand it over to a few impatient rascals. But I will sacrifice my weekend, for their cause. Why I did not see this ouctome is beyond me . . . my characters always bother me when I am drafting.


Oh . . . I just watched the series finale of Monk. I am sad to see the television show end.