December 10th, 2009


To buy or not to buy . . .

I am so excited. This weekend I finally get to do my Christmas shopping. My list is simple: flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, two beautiful picture frames, about 12 trays (or plates or mug) and a lot of love. Huh? Where is the Xbox . . . the Wii . . . the ugly sweater (or tie)? Not this year folks. I am BROKE. . . .and no longer in denial about it. Historically my financially challenged status was due to my starving student title. Now I am a licensed professional and an ex-starving student with licensure fees and student loans. Don’t fret, all interested people have been told. And I will get appropriate child toys for my niece and nephew.

I told everyone if I can’t make it, you won’t be getting it. This made everyone smile. They know what I am up to. I love to bake. And my friends love that I love to bake. Apparently I am good. That is all I am offering up. If a friend were writing this post they would say they dream about my cookies, they long for my cakes, and my Margarita pie . . . I think maybe they all need to lead more exciting lives if my cakes and cookies make their day. But I tend to be a bit . . . self-critical.

Anyway, everyone is getting yummy, deliciousness on pretty (hopefully useful) plates. My parents are getting something a bit more special. I am happy neither reads my blog, because it would ruin the surprise. Here it is. I am typing one of my favorite poems and framing it. I won’t share the poem . . . I have an uncle who does read my blog. No need tempting people. Most of my friends have received such a gift from me at some point. The gift idea has hung with me since my undergraduate days. My favorite gift ever, and I do mean ever, is framed writing. For those of you who are new to my world, you don’t know about my long standing crush (obsession) with Shakespeare. It dates back to . . . early middle school. One of my mentors during undergrad wrote her master’s thesis on Shakespeare. I know divine intervention crossed our paths. For my birthday she typed and framed the intro from her thesis. See exhibit A below. It has all these great quotes we use on a daily basis that Shakespeare penned. If I had an apartment fire, I would grab it off the wall and then run for the exit. I show it to everyone. I love it. It reminds me everyday why I have a mad crush on him.

And most importantly, it reminds me that often times the most treasured gifts are the simplest . . . time, a word, food.

Hugs and Encouragement!!