December 23rd, 2009



I am about to hop in my car and head down to Texas for the holidays. Oklahoma is all a buzz about the impending rain and snow tonight into tomorrow. It lurks just over the stateline (Kansas (north of OK . . . not Texas (south of OK). My mom calls to tell me what I already know:

Mom: What is the weather like there?"
Me: Overcast, 40, no rain. There's talk about yucky. I'm on LJ, leaving in an hour.
Mom: The weather is overcast and muggie here. You should get on the road soon.
Me: I'm leaving in an hour.
Mom: It's supposed to be 60 here today, but cloudy.
Me: So you're a meteorologist now? If you keep giving me weather reports I'm not going to be able to leave in an hour.
Mom: Right. Hugs, see you in a few hours.

Fast forward three minutes.  I'm still on LJ in pj's. I smile at my phone when I see it's my mother calling. . . again.
Me: If you keep calling I can't leave.
Mom: That's ok. I just wanted to tell you I just got to the office and it's raining. I mean really raining. You need to leave.
I give one my signature Tracy looks that says something like, "Did you have a lobotomy?" But say, You know I am three hours north of you?"
Mom: I know, I just thought I'd let you know.
Me: Right . . . right. I'm haning up now.

I wish I could say this is a unique thing for my mom. But I have sooooo many conversations that go like this. I love her soooo much.  I really do.  I can't wait to see her.

Happy Holidays!

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