December 27th, 2009


Promises to Myself

I tend to scribble down a few goals in a notebook that I misplace halfway through the year.  I'm sure Freud would have plenty to say about the 'misplacing' thing.  This year I have an online journal. Even I can't misplace the internet.  And I;ve learned from the latest writing adventure that when I tell people my plans, I have people to blast me, rake me over the coals, throw my words in my face.  Sure I sneer when they do it, but it is for my own good.  But should you be one of those people on the receiving end of a reflexive sneer or guffaw, know that I suck at holding grudges . . . and 99% of the time I'm painfully aware of my 5 yr-old moments.

So without further ado . . .

The Ten Promises to Myself for 2010:
1) I will do the half-marathon for the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon again. I did it two years ago and LOVED it. This past summer I was recovering from surgery . . . and I have the round belly to show for it. I can't love and eat cake like I do without some serious exercising.  

2) I will continue to read at least four books a month or a total of 48 (including the 12 YA Debut Author Challenge) books for the year.  I debated this number, because I tend to read at least two books a week. But in months with heavy editing, reading falls to the side. 

3) I will send my Diyari Chronicles to at least 15 agents. If necessary of course.  That statement is either raw optimism or unadulterated delusionment.  The line is very thin.

4) Continue learning and networking:  I'll attend at least one writing conference and take one cooking course. I should at some point take a Spanish class. Hmmm . . . I resolve to think seriously about taking Spanish class in 2011. ;-)

5) I will finish and edit my NaNo book. Gulp.  

6). I will do more research on next writing project and start it.

7) I will finish book three in the Diyari Chronicles. See that Mandy? You get closure on the trilogy.

8) I will find other ways to supplement my income.  Either looking seriously at private practice (get on insurance panels and embrace the fact I will have to argue with insurance companies) or contacting universities to teach again.  I love to warp . . . I mean teach young minds.

9) I will get a bigger apartment, even if it means leaving the part of town I love. My books and cooking supplies are suffocating me.

10) Do at least four socially minded activities (the memorial marathon does not count). This means doing an outreach project with my church or donating time, items, or money to a charity. There has to be variety.