December 30th, 2009


Weekly Update . . . I Just Can't Wait

I was trying to wait until Friday, but I just don't think my week can get any better.  Talk about walking on clouds. Okay, so here are the Top Five of my last three days.

1) My wonderful friend of 15 years and fantastic beta reader (grammar-ninja), gave birth to Allison Renee (6lb 9oz; 20") on Monday.  She is sooo cute I just want to eat her.  I'm not so sure why I and others want to eat cute babies.  I should Google it.

2) One of my virgin beta readers received Diyari Chronicles Monday afternoon and finished it at 3 am today.  She texted me all day Monday, giving me updates on her reading. She had read half of it by Monday evening. I told her, "Slow down, you're making me nervous. Make sure you read it, critique it."  Tuesday she had a busy day with her kids. But she said she thought about it all day.  When she got in bed at 11, she picked up the book, intending to just read a chapter or two, but she could not put it down. . .until 3 am.  Really? My book kept someone up until 3 am?  I've read such books.  They are great.  My book? Really?  She probably doesn't realize how big that sounds to me.  Then she said something that made my heart swoon, flip, stop, hop . . . you get my drift.  She said at one point she read a page in my book and thought, "Wow, that is great writting," and looked at her New Moon book resting on her nightstand and said, "Stephenie, this girl has got the writing and the story."  Now, if you read my blog with any regularity you know I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan, despite the flawed writing. My fear? I will have a good story, become well known, and be a crappy writer.  I'm a perfectionist.  I don't want to just write a good story, I want to write a well-written story. So to have a second-generation English teacher who teaches other teachers how to write, say I'm a good writer . . .  Well . . . I'm  . . .  speechless.  And I rarely if ever experience a speechless state.  She said other stuff, but I won't bore you with it.  Okay, I have a hard time taking it all in.  And I know I still have two more reviewers.

3) This brings me to a second comment from a reviewer.  My friend Chris, who suggested I ask her friend a librarian to read my book, texted said librarian after I recounted Jen's comments.  She's had the book for one week (with a house full of kids).  She wrote:  "She has well developed characters and she is great at building suspense." She's only 1/3 of the way through. That's something.

4) I got to wear my favorite pink galoshes today. I love wearing those boots. They make me smile.  They make my co-workers smile. 

5) I'm back into Diyari Chronicles, book 3.  I finally found my rhythm last night after a one month break. I'm stoked about the story. Oh and I finished the book's playlist.  It's great. One of these days I'll post all my playlists.  It's playing now, my characters are waiting . . .

Hugs & Encouragement!

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Meredith Wood is hosting her annual, Make Meredith Read contest.  You need to submit the first two pages of a story to a location to be named on Jan 4, 2010.  She reads and decides who has a great two pages.  If you win, you get braggin rights and a cool logo.  I'm doing it! All the cool kids are doin it. So if you want to be cool, you have to enter.  Did that work?  No? Okay, how about this?  I double dog dare ya to enter the contest.  I knew that'd get ya.  You can't walk away from dare.  What a sucker! ;) 

Go to her blog . . .

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