December 31st, 2009


Why Procrastinating Is Bad . . .

As of 12:01 tonight I will no longer be able to practice psychology in the state of Oklahoma.  Due to an odd website malfunction that impacted only my online account, I cannot pay my license renewal fee.  No fee payment means no license.  Thankfully I'm not a real doctor, so if a medical emergency comes up I'm cool.  But what to do if one of my friends has a psychotic break tonight. Shucks!!!  Oh, one of my friends is a licensed Master's level therapist.  Swoosh.  Okay, crisis diverted.

But see, if I had not procrastinated, I would be legal starting the new year.

HERE'S TO A GREAT 2010!!!   

(I will be legal on January 4 . . . I hope because I have clients).

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