January 1st, 2010


Watch This Video!!!

watchmebe Jackson Pearce author of Sisters Red and As You Wish made this video and she managed to get many YA authors to appear in the video that dispenses some GREAT writing tips and inspiration.  YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!!  And when you are done watching it, go to her LJ page and tell her your thougths about the video. And then visit YouTube and subscribe to her vlog.  They are great!  IMHO up there with John Green.  And if you don't want to do YouTube, add her to your LJ friends list, she often post vlogs to her page. 

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Confessions of a Foodie.

 When I was a kid, I would ask my mom what we were having for lunch and dinner . . . while I ate my breakfast.  It drove her bonkers.  Especially given my picky eating status.  For example, I would (and still do) experience a gag reflex if I had to eat something off a bone.  And cooked spinach (or anything with that texture) compells me to open my mouth, allowing the squishy, yuckiness to fall onto the plate.  I don't like fried foods (chicken tenders, french fries, and onion rings are the exception).  And beef . . . well neither my mom or I can eat it. Some kind of enzyme deficiency.  This inability to eat beef when you grow up in Texas garners ALOT of dumbfounded stares. 

Despite all my quirks, I am a foodie . . . to the core.  And last night, three hours before 2009 eased out the door, allowing 2010 to take up residency, I gave my inner foodie a treat.  My friends and I went to Zorbas a Greek restaurant in the city. And it was . . . blissful. 

Okay, let me pause here for a second and give you an important bit of insight about me.  I love my parents.  I'm proud of my ethnic heritage.  I grew up with a grandmother and mother who are amazing cooks.  Southern cooking is great.  And southern cooking at the hands of a black grandmother . . . sigh.  My grandmother could make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that made your eyes flutter and a moan slip from your lips.  Now, all that being said, I am convinced there was a mistake in the assignment of my ethnic heritage.  I love Greek and Italian food like Texans like a good rib-eye with that red juice oozing out of it (YUCK!!!).  I'm convinced I should have been born into an Italian or Greek family.  Convinced.  So, are you understanding the significance of eating Greek food on the last night of the year? 

Okay, I will resume with previous thoughts about Zorbas.  It was amazing!  And for a brief moment I considered asking to go to Zorbas for my birthday in February. But I'm sticking with Queen of Sheeba, an Ethiopian restaurant.  It is perfect.  A little hole in the wall place, in the wrong part of town. It is beautiful on the inside. The food . . . I dream about the food.  The service is fantastic.  And the element that makes me smile the most?  It holds the possibility of us getting shot when we leave.  Seriously.  Two years ago we (my mom, me, and a group of girlfriends) went to QoS for my birthday. We came out after dark and it was like a scene from a stereotyped Mexican gang movie.  My mom almost fainted. I told everyone I could've gotten shot for my birthday.  How many people can tell that story?  I'm weird. I know.  But sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for great food. And honestly, the guys propped against the hood of my car stood up and let us get in my car. They even said, "Night."

Anyway, this morning I treated myself to crepes. I make them when friends visit, because they are yummy and I love to hear the oohhs and awws when I flip them in the pan.  I feel like a professional chef.  I have no friends visiting, but I thought I should start the year being my own best-friend. I ended 2009 with great food and began 2010 with yummy crepes with caramalized apples.  I even sprinkled powdered sugar on top.  I treat myself right. I flipped them perfectly this morning (I usual sacrifice one to the stove top god). I called my mom to brag.  She says the perfect flips were a sign of a perfect 2010. I don't know about that . . . but I'll concede it's starting on a good note!

What are your favorite foods?