January 4th, 2010


I'm On My Soap Box . . . Beware.

I’m going to climb on my soap box and vent about the parasitic quality of greed.  I work for the health department.  In Oklahoma the health departments have Child and Family Counseling Centers.  Twice a week I’m the Counselor of the Day, which means if someone in the building or on the phone is experiencing significant mental distress, I use my skills to put them back together. Today I received a distress call. I spoke to a woman, “D” for one hour on the phone.  She was raped about a week or so ago, refused to tell police or family because the person threatened her, refused to leave her house, was terrified, and crying.  She called the HD because we do STD testing and she feared she may have an STD.  I made sure she was not going to harm herself, helped her organize her thoughts, and then gave her the phone number to our Women’s Center. It provides counseling, advocacy, and shelter for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.  I spoke to “D” later, to make sure the information was helpful and for my own peace of mind.  I was crestfallen when I hung up.  Due to the recession, the center no longer provides services.   She called the Crisis Hotline (understaffed) and they directed her to Department of Human Services (understaffed).  They told her Medicaid would pay for counseling, but they would not help her locate a counselor.  They told her to talk to her physician, who will likely want her to provide names so s/he can write the referral.  I gave her specific numbers. 

Before I continue, I want to make it clear that more than one thing upset me about this phone call.  First, the woman was raped.  And it happened while she was helping someone in need . . . so she thought.  The worst type of transgression because now she thinks she was wrong to be kind.  Second, our system is set up in a way that it takes several phone calls to end up in the same place you started. She does not have the psychological strength to jump through the hoops. And I won’t even talk about what lawyers might say about “D” if she takes the perpetrator to court. 

Okay, so back to my original rant. GREED!  The greedy &@% that put our financial system in such a vulnerable state that families are homeless, businesses are dying and victims of crimes struggle to find resources.  The news prattles about health care reform (I believe our system sucks by the way). Sure give people health insurance.  I have health insurance.  Do I have the copay?  Maybe.  A lack of health insurance is not our problem. We suffer from a greed, self-absorbed problem.  Even if I have health insurance, someone focused on the bottom line dictates the type of treatment I receive.  Politicians argue, “Socialized medicine causes problems in other countries. Look at Canada.”  REALLY?? REALLY???  Hold on while I bang my head against my desk . . . because my damaged brain is the only thing that is going to make sense of that crazy talk. We are America, the land of innovation, great thinkers.  Can’t we look at other systems, talk to those leaders and do something different?  Don’t piss on me and call it rain.  The real issue is GREED!  The war?  Driven by GREED!  The recession?  The result of GREED!

Okay, I’m winded.  I’m stepping down from my soap box.  Thanks for reading my rant.

Hugs and Encouragement.

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