January 7th, 2010


Blog Silence Due to Indecision

I apologize for my silence on my page this week.  Not that you were chewing your fingernails, pacing the floor, and waiting for my post(s).  But for those curious sorts out there (the two of you . . . maybe) I think I had my first episode of blog writer's block.  I had nothing to say.  No, that is not true. I had stuff to say, but thought it boring, pointless, or couldn't organize my thoughts.  I will give you a tour of the ideas I considered this week.  

I considered asking if you guys find yourself disecting books when you read them?  I read Beautiful Creatures over the weekend. I enjoyed it, but three scenes irritated the hell out of me, blunting my enjoyment of the book.

Then I considered starting a three part blog on conflict.  I even wrote it up. It's just sitting on my jump drive, hangin out, chillin'. Relationship dynamics is my area of interest.  I figured posting something about the psychology of conflict might help those who shy away from it in their writing.  I hope it will be helpful.  I'll post it this weekend.

Then I ho-hummed about mentioning that the length of time in between thinking I'm a reasonably good writer to believing I suck has shrunk from one month to  . . . let's see, when did I finish draft 4?  December 21. TWO WEEKS!!! That is a record. 

In the middle of my indecision, I did make some strides on book three in the Chronicles.  I sent out the first 150 pages to Mandy.  She devoured it in one day and told me on the phone today it is the best book I've written so far.  Of course she said that about book two.  And I think she was under the influence of the MC's make-up kiss on page 150.  We had a frank conversation about one MC's behavior in one chapter.  She argued I strayed a bit from the character's true presentation.  I acquiesced.  I had strayed a tad.  So I'll adjust before moving on to next chapter.  

Then I was going to write about the differences in first draft writing and later drafts. My first draft is soooo raw.  It is laughable.  Overtime (and many drafts, sobs, gray hairs, insecure moments, celebrations, and vacant stares)  something-- I'll say beautiful--emerges.  Please note earlier statement that I now believe draft four on Chronicles is highly suspect.  Yes, this would be the book I'm preparing for submission in early Feb.  Hmmm. . . .this can't be good.

So, this is how Tracy's mind works most of the time.  I mull over many things and do one (if any) in a jarbled mess in the end.   Next week I will get my head on straight and post.  If any mentioned topic was remotely interesting to you feel free to comment. Or not.  

Hugs & Encouragement!!!   
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