January 10th, 2010


Guess Who's Coming for Dinner . . .

As you know, I love food.  What you may not know about me is I love to entertain.  I think it comes from growing up in a house that was ‘the house’ to hang out.  Anyway, it occurred to me last night I have not asked my current friends in Oklahoma or here on LJ the ultimate entertainment question:  If you could have any five people (living or dead) over for dinner, who would you invite? And why?”


While you ponder your list, I’ll share mine.  It has been the same for years.  I won’t say how many years, but know my peers at the time had dinner parties with Kirk Cameron, Duran Duran, Rick Spingfield, etc).  Keep in mind I’ve always been equal parts silly and precocious.


My Guests:

1)Martin Luther King Jr. I think anyone who is willing to go up against the status quo, using words as his major weapon should be invited over for dinner at someone’s house.   He saw what many still refuse to see:  We’re in this together and we all want the same things: health and happiness. How can we get others to see?  Oh, and I would love to ask him about Motown celebrities. My mom would love to get some good gossip.


2) Jesus.  Not for a deep conversation about religion or to ask if the Bible is God’s words.  I personally think religion (how people design it) is often cruel.  And when the Bible is interpreted without evil agenda or to make others feel inferior, you see it encourages one thing . . . .Love one another.  These are the questions I would ask:  What do you think about the mess we’ve made down here?  Does it make you cry?  Do you get so frustrated you just can’t look at us?  And when we do something that is in line with what you want for us, you know that loving each other thing, do you celebrate and have cake? And if you have cake, what is your favorite kind? I hope he says chocolate with fudge frosting or carrot. *nail biting*


3) Shakespeare. You know about my literary crush on the man.  Sigh.  How could I not have him over for dinner?  I want to know how he feels about his fame, the rumors about his writing and love life.  What was his inspiration for his writing?  Were agents and editors as hardcore then as they are today?  And I would want him to read anything I had in my house . . . just so I could hear him speak.  *Double eye blink and dreamy sigh.*


4) Freud.  I have been intrigued by this man every since I read my mom’s Intro to Psychology book when I was 12-years-old (Yes, I read a college book when I was 12).  Anyone who thinks we’re only motivated by sex and aggression needs to scrutinized. I’m just the person to do it.  My friends tell me I have a certain look, when coupled with my sociability, makes people confess everything, even murder.  I’m not sure what that means, but I think it’s a good thing.  So maybe this mutant ability will work on Freud.  I think he has some unresolved issues with his mother and I want to know about’em. 


5)Van Gogh:  First I love his art.  Second I love his story.  I mean talk about a tragic love story peppered with some mental illness.  Jeez.

Let's hear it.  Who you would invite and why? You don't have to list five people . . . you do have a life.
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Fingers Crossed . . .

My car (Ashanti) is going to the doctor Monday at 7am.  She does not like shifting into gears. This is a problem for me because . . . well she is a car and when I put her into drive I expect her to  . . . well drive.  Pray to whomever you serve or recognize that I do not need a transmission. Gulp . . . Double Gulp.
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