January 11th, 2010


I Think I Met Jesus Today . . .

Okay, not really. But someone darn close.  So you all know about Ashanti.  She did not want to drive this morning without my sweet talking and my extensive prayer session with God for the 6 mile drive to the service center.  But we made the usual 13 minute trek in 25 minutes going a fast speed of 35 with the RPM's making a fuss.

Upon arrival to Dr. Honda's office I told them they needed to talk pretty to her otherwise she would not drive when they were ready to move her.  One guy chuckled the other guy . . . nothing . . . no even an eye blink.  COME ON!!! At 7:15 am, I need a smile at a silly comment like that one.  And that was forshadowing for future conversations with Dr. Honda. 

One hour later I receive the grim news . . ."Tracy, Ashanti's transmission is shot. It will be $4500 for a new one or $2500 for a used with 70,000 miles."

I talk to my dad and he says call around.  Due to firewalls at work I can't google shops for nothing. So I trudge through a phone book for the first time in . . . since Jesus was a child.  Anywho . . . I get estimates. I have my mom look up places on Better Business Bureau. But by this time I had already talked with Jesus's right hand man, at Dr. Action's office. I had a great feeling about him.  I was not surprised to find out he worked for a place with an A+ BBB rating, no complaints, and BBB certified. 

HOLD your hats.  I call Dr. Honda back and tell them I want my car.  They say I have to pay a RESTOCKING FEE for the transmission that is on its way.  WHAT?  The one on the way from the dealer up the road?  I call the manager. And get Ashanti freed. Now in between my battle with Bellzebub . . . I mean Dr. Honda.  Jesus's RH man tells me they will send a wrecker to get my car.  He will even send the wrecker to my JOB to pick up a check to take to Dr. Honda, so they will release Ashanti. Jesus's RH tells me exactly what they will do to make Ashanti healthy and strong again.  He also tells me how long it will take.  Did I mention he said he tried to call me back after our first conversation when I got the estimate, but didn't have my last name so he couldn't get past the staff directory?  I wanted to make the man a cake, wash his feet, walk his dog. 

So Ashanti has a new Dr. and momma is happy.  Customer Service is still alive and well. Thank You, Jesus!!!  Now I just have to pull together the money . . .

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