January 12th, 2010


The Moment You've Been Waiting For . . .

Any suggestions, reactions, feedback?  I know you haven't read it, neither has an agent . . .

Diyari Chronicles: Book Of Spirited

Elevator Pitch: 

The first day of summer break becomes the first day for sixteen-year-old Azer Gray to confront two secrets: she can see demons and she’s in love with her best friend.  


Beta Reader Blurb: 

Sixteen-year-old Azer Gray struggled through yet another sleepless night.  However, today Azer learned that her tendency to see demonic people is actually insight into her unique Spirited ability.  There are others like her—divinely gifted.  Many have walked beside her, protected her, and waited for her to realize who she is in their hidden world.  Today the waiting is over.  Time is running out.  Spirited children are being murdered, and one Diyari--an ancient book that holds the names of all those who are superiorly gifted--is missing. The Dark World plans to steal a second Diyari.  Azer must relocate it with the assistance of other Spirited.  And as she makes the cross-country journey she will learn the most daunting tasks are becoming the person she is destined to be and facing her feelings for her best friend, who has a few secrets of his own.  Together, they are a threat to the Dark World leader, who is determined to get to the Diyari before Azer.  Today the race begins. Every second counts.

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