January 19th, 2010


Question . . .

Yesterday I visited Hastings.  It’s a store that is like Borders or B&N but it doesn’t have as many books and they buy used books, video games, music, etc.  I didn’t buy anything, because I have a stack of books begging me to read them.  Besides, I just wanted to walk the aisles, look at titles. I wanted to smell the pages.  I wanted to ogle the covers. I wanted to daydream about having time to read all the books on my Good Reads list (I saw five more to add to the list). Sigh. Anyway, as I walked, I started thinking (this is dangerous).  What’s the difference between the best-seller and the other books?  It’s not talent.  At least, I don’t think that is always the difference.  I used to pick out at least one unknown book a month.  At some point I stopped.  I need to return to that action because, I found some great books. When I was apart of a book club, I would suggest the unknowns and people would frown. “It may not be good,” someone said.  My response, “Best-sellers aren’t always good.”


So what is it? Luck (something I don’t believe in BTW). Marketing?  Word of mouth?  I don’t have an answer.  I don’t know if there is ONE answer. What are your thoughts? 

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