January 22nd, 2010


Friday Five





1)      I did a school observation today for a Pre-K Head Start classroom.  During Show-N-Tell one of the children pulled out the action figure Woody from the Toy Story. The teacher said, “Look everyone, he has a Woody.”

2) This week was a four-day work week. Yippee!!

       3) On Monday, I ate lunch with one of my good friends, Mandy.  We talked books and sunshine. And apparently I blew her mind with my chicken salad that had curry and raisins.  Ha! I’m a master chef even with chicken salad.

I finished The Percy Jackson series. It was good. No Harry Potter, but full of adventure, humor, and great Greek mythology. I do my long winded reviews of books on Good Reads (see sidebar for link), unless I think it is Earth shattering enough to warrant blog time. I am excited to see the PJ movie, though I see significant differences in the trailer. Movies are movies and books are books. How’s that for deep?

My internal battle is over . . . for now at least. The writing on book three is SLOW going. But I’m okay with that. All the threads are coming together. I do think I have upset my betas. They all fear saying anything good about anything I write. The proverbial pendulum does like to swing fast and extreme.


Hugs and Encouragement!