February 10th, 2010

Soap Box

Valentine's Day

You guys know I like to climb on my soap box every now and then.  I do this more so in person than on my blog, because I want to keep things informative and light here. But some times I just have to climb and shout. The target? Valentine’s Day. And not for the reason you think. My single status has nothing to do with my issues with the day. I’ve been in relationships on Valentine’s Day and I still bemoan the day. If you’re thinking, “Oh, I bet she’s just practical and nonromantic.” Nope. I’m practical, but I turn to goo at a love story. I love asking married people how they met. I love, love. I believe in love. I respect relationships.


I imagine some of you are thinking, “Tracy, if not for February 14, my guy/gal would never do anything nice for me. I would never get a card, flower, fun in the bedroom, etc.” Here is my reply to that statement: If you’re in a relationship with someone who does not show you appreciations more than once a year . . . RUN! RUN! Stop rolling your eyes at this blog and RUN!


Now my reasons (only the first is my most important, the rest are tied for second place):


1)      Any time people feel obligated to do something it cheapens the action in my humble opinion. I grew up in a home where you told people you appreciate and love them on a regular basis. The idea that you reserve appreciation or go all out on one day of the year is just ludicrous. You let people know you appreciate them when they do something and when they are just being themselves.  Do it, “Just Because.”

2)      The price of roses, jewelry and chocolate rises significantly. That is just WRONG!! I mean, really? Roses are $20 one day and $60 the next. The media needs to bust that price gouging wide open.  

3)      If you’re single you feel like a loser or people give you that I’m-so-sorry look. If you’re in a relationship you feel pressure to do something. In short, people feel bad. I know some people love Valentine’s day. It seems the people who fall in this camp give thought to their gifts and the couple decides to celebrate Valentine’s Day on their own terms, not Hallmark’s terms.

4)      It seems one-sided. I see tons of commercials telling males to run out and do or buy something wonderful for their female partner. How about ads aimed at women? Give us suggestions on what to do or buy. They wouldn't influence me, I'm gonna do what I want. But I believe in balance. Shouldn’t men be appreciated, too? Oh, wait. Women are supposed to buy lingerie. Arrggh! Valentine’s Day reduces men to an appendage. I get tired of men being reduced. Men, please do not take offense to the word reduced. I’m sure you’re well endowed. I’m just making a point. Also, I think this type of trade--diamond for bedroom--can keep some couples from developing real intimacy.


Okay, I’m done, rant over. Even if you disagree with me . . .


What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

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