February 12th, 2010


Friday Five

  1. My friend FINALLY announced to everyone she is expecting her first child in August. I’ve known since December, just before Christmas. Now I can celebrate the good news with others.  
  2. I received a surprise birthday gift from a co-worker/friend. About three years ago I complemented her smile; it’s friendly, wise and soothing. From that day forward she and I talked about books, work or whatever. Imagine that. Me talking to someone about anything. J Anyway, she surprised me with chocolate bars from this fantastic chocolatier in the state. I share this with you because 1) It was unexpected and soooo thoughtful. It warmed my heart. 2) It proves you never know the impression you leave on people when you say a kind word and have friendly conversation.
  3. I wrote chapter four in The Collector. This new chapter includes a really great creepy scene. I got chills writing it. I love creepy. I love chills. I’m so excited! I also found song number two for the playlist: Only Exception by Paramore.
  4. I only had to work four days this week.
  5. I ate yummy cake on my birthday and received great cards. One made me laugh out loud for  . . . shucks, I still chuckle about it. This weekend I have more birthday celebrations scheduled. I love birthdays. It’s a great excuse to eat cake, hang out with friends and love life. Not that I need an excuse to do any of those things, but it’s nice to have one.


Hugs and Encouragement!