March 1st, 2010



This past Saturday I went to a FABULOUS concert. My legs and arms are still sore from all the jumping, waving, and clapping. Sigh. Good times. Anyway, teenagers occupied the row in front of me. All of them had their cell phone out for the entire concert. At one point, two boys pulled out some kind of pocket video game and started playing football. I was baffled. We are at a HIGH energy concert and a group of teens, who all know each other, are texting and playing on the internet.  I just don't get it. Concerts are for singing until you lose your voice. Concerts are for clapping until your hands tingle. Concerts are for waving your lighter . . . I mean cell phone (I just dated myself) . . . when the great slow song comes on.

Oh, I did see several adults doing this odd ignoring-something-fun-to-text-somone thing. I just don't get it. The cell phone thing has gotten out of hand.

Interestingly, I took mine out twice: during intermission and before the headliner came out. I had friends there and we were trying to meet up afterward. Fate decided to slap me with bitter irony. I lost my cell phone. YEP! I've had a cell phone for 8 years and this was my first loss. Ugghhh!!! Oh well.

Anwyay, the point to this little post is . . .

Are you guys seeing the same kind of odd cell phone usage? Do you think it is out of control? 
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