March 11th, 2010


Friday Five

1. Despite my writing laryngitis, I did manage to write two more chapters in The Collector. So that means I have a respectable 145 pages and 35,000 words (roughly). Not too shabby for a sick person. Since no one has really examined TC, I don’t know if a voice is present or not. When it is complete, I will let my betas take it through a full examination. Until then, I will assume she speaks.

2. Funny kid quote of the week. This comes from a ten-year-old. I asked if she had a crush on anyone in her class, she said, “Boys are like trees, it takes’em fifty years to grow up.” So you may have gathered she’s not “dating” anyone.

3. A little bit of pimpage and celebration. Panthan’s Crucible by meredith_wood  will be released in ebook form on March 15, 2010. Whoohooo Meredith!

4. I finally got to see a movie trailer for Eclipse. Stop that eye rolling. Everyone has a vice they can’t explain.

5. We had blue skies and perfect temperatures all week. Spring. Spring. Spring.