March 16th, 2010


I Promised . . .

I’m a woman of my word. I promised my friend J.P. I would type up the article that sealed our fates. I can't do the story justice on my post, but I'll give my best effort. Though I grumble and roll my eyes, I love it when J.P. tells our story. She has the best voice and facial expressions, and she’s all energy. It’s great. Truly. I hope all of you have a friend who can tell a story with such energy. I also hope you have a friend who believes in your writing . . . even if she risks looking delusional. J


It was March 9, 1993 when the story below hit the newsstands at the University of Texas at Arlington. I was one of three freshmen journalism majors allowed on the Shorthorn staff. I decided the first semester I wanted to write editorials. A freshmen writing editorials was like finding a unicorn. Yet, I convinced the editorial staff it was a good idea. Some of my editorials were “just prattling” and some were “hard hitting.” You’ll know which camp the one below belongs to by the first line.


Somewhere on campus, J.P. read the article. Fast forward two plus years, I’m a journalism AND psychology major. I found journalism classes too easy (I had a 4.0 in the major) and I was tired of fighting with egos in the newsroom. J.P. and I were in a psychology class together. One day we were talking about this and that when I mentioned my history with the university paper. Then I mentioned my car. The conversation stopped. She said, “Wait. You wrote for the Shorthorn? You wrote a story about your car a few years ago?” “Yep.” “I loved that story.” She proceeded to quote lines from it. I know, right? So needless to say we became great friends. J Per her request, I’m dusting off the story that brought us together seventeen years ago.



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