March 18th, 2010


Friday Five


      1.      It’s Friday! AMEN!!!


     2.      March 20, 2010 The Twilight Ladies are getting together to celebrate the DVD release of New Moon. No eye rolling! Anyhoo, I will be making most of the yummies: homemade pizza (three different kinds) and a lovely strawberry cake. The cake is made from scratch.  . .  Yes, with fresh strawberries (well, frozen because it’s not berry season). I didn’t even know you could buy strawberry cake mix. The joys of having a grandmother who was a faboo cook and baker. J


3.      I have 172 pages, a.k.a.  40,500 words, in The Collector. I seem to have come upon a plot hole the size of China. Correction . . . it’s not really a hole. It’s more like: “I wanted to do the story one way and when I started writing I saw that was cheesy, but now I have to go back and remove the cheese. No cheese  = plot hole. However, adding yummy goodness in place of cheese + brief bout of frustration = better story.”


4.      It was Spring Break in this neck of the woods, so I didn’t see many little bits this week. However my friend Chris (one of the Twilight Ladies and co-worker) said her five-year-old learned about Spin-the-Bottle this week. Apparently grandma does not have the same t.v. watching standards as Chris. If anyone has forgotten how to play Spin-the-Bottle, I know an amazingly handsome (he could be a child model) five-year-old that can tell you the rules. J


5.      Baby Alli and J.P. visited me at work on Wednesday. Yes, the J.P.  I mentioned in Wednesday’s flashback article. We went to different graduate programs, but always stayed in touch.  She landed in Oklahoma after getting her Ph.D. and told me about my current job. Small world. Anyhoo, Chris (mentioned above) is certified car seat technician (installer). We were making sure Alli’s car seat was installed properly. Got to protect the precious cargo . . . and four out of five car seats are not installed correctly. YIKES!


Hugs & Encouragement!