March 24th, 2010

Soap Box

My Response to a LJ Comment: Five Star vs. Fast Food

Imagine your city has the opportunity to vote on a plan that would erase all fast food restaurants and then build only five star restaurants. The prices would remain the same. This means you could purchase Eggs Benedict, made with organic eggs and Canadian bacon that was procured from pigs raised in a village rumored to house the elixir of life, for the price of an Egg McMuffin.  

Oh what delicacies.

How could you say no? After all, fast food is the reason you can no longer fit in last year’s jeans and those happy meal toys are taking over your house.

You enthusiastically vote yes. Every day for several weeks you eat the finest, richest, most sophisticated foods. You drink the best coffee. You sip the finest wines. You engage in intellectually stimulating conversations. But something is wrong. You’re just not happy.

You call your friend who lives in a neighboring town who voted no. She’s slurping on a McDonald’s strawberry shake and munching on fries. You remember milkshakes and fries. They’re carefree and flirtatious.

You sigh.

Feeling dejected, you hang up the phone. You long for the days of carefree food and wiping your hands on paper towels instead of linen napkins. Who you kidding? You used your jeans.

Would you like eating the best of the best all the time?

I love decadent foods. But I also love fries and milkshakes. They each serve a purpose in my life.

Guess what else I love. Go on, guess. Okay. Here’s a hint. It rhymes with looks.


I love The Color Purple and a host of other books in the literary canon. But I also love the Stephanie Plum Series and a host of other books that will never be included in the literary canon.  Each book serves a purpose in my life. One allows me to discuss bigger issues, to think beyond myself, to delve within my soul. The other allows me to laugh, appreciate sunny days, and escape from daily stressors. I need both.

This post is for people who insist that Ronald McDonald is devouring literature. The love of books such as Twilight and Harry Potter does not foreshadow the Pulitzer’s starvation. Every generation produces award winners and future ghosts. SO stop being so hoity-toity. There is room in this world for McDonald’s and The Rainbow Room. AND I believe the absence of one prevents the appreciation of the other.

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