April 15th, 2010


Friday Five

The Collector edits are still going strong. I have 216 pages (a.k.a. just shy of 50,500 words). I have trashed all silly stuff . . . I think. This weekend it should be done or pretty doggone close. Then it will be placed in a binder and given to Mandy, my #1 Beta. Fingers crossed she likes it.

I hate saying things like this because it sounds like I’m bragging and I’m not. It’s more like I’m surprised and I have to repeat what I heard so the words can slip past my compliment blocker. My dad called last night. Shocker! He rarely calls me. Anyway, before we hung up he told me that my step-mother is “very proud of you and thinks very highly of you.” He said that she is the first to mention my name when they are with friends and she mentions me daily. They have even gotten into fights because she thinks he should visit me. Who knew? I mean, I love her dearly. She is great. Not a hint of evil step-mother in the woman. We get along well, always have. Even when I was a VERY angry and depressed teenager. It’s kinda good to know she doesn’t think I’m a jerk. J Earlier in the day I got another compliment. A colleague emailed me and said she was being asked to talk to me about joining a private practice. I met the owner of said private practice earlier this week. The emailer said, “She (the owner) liked you a lot. She is picky about who she lets into her practice. You left a great impression.” I always assume my bubbly, tell-it-like-it-is, self-deprecating, and comedic comments annoy and/or exhaust people. I think it goes back to getting in trouble in elementary school for “talking ALL the time.”

I had a great visit with my friend Tara last weekend. We saw Date Night. I thought it was pretty dang funny. The outtakes are almost-peed-my-pants funny. Anyone else seen it?

Saturday is community project day for my church’s Love Works campaign. We chose six organizations and we help them on the 4th Saturday of the month (this month is different because we have a speaker coming next Saturday). I was asked to lead the Adopt-A-Block group. We’ve actually adopted a neighborhood that is being devoured by poverty and crime. For Easter we held an Easter Egg hunt and 1000 people showed up. Whoohoo! We’ve cleaned the neighborhood park. We’ve helped families clean their homes. We shoveled drive ways when it snowed. In short, we help. This is my first week to lead the team. I am really stoked about it. 

The weather has been beautiful blue skies and sunshine. One evening I even sat on the patio and read some of my book club book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It’s good. But boy, it needed some serious editing.

Hugs & Encouragement!