April 23rd, 2010


Friday Five

I finished The Collector. I hand it over to Mandy and her evil . . .  I mean, editing pen tomorrow. Whoohooo! (Yes, I will eat a celebratory piece of cake.) The story is roughly 60,000 words. What will I do while Mandy works her magic with Olivia and Caden? I will jump back into Diyari Chronicles. Azer and Nathan are hoping I can make their world publishable . . . or at the very least pretty damn good.


I am hosting this month’s book club meeting tomorrow night. I am soooo stoked about this because I love hosting parties. The book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is set in Sweden. The characters eat a lot of sandwiches, cheese, and pastries and drink A LOT of coffee. So guess what we’ll be eating? Yep, sandwiches, cheese, pastries, and drinking coffee. I went to our fancy little cheese shop yesterday to sample and then select two cheeses. I felt like a pig in slop. I LOVE cheese. You guys are lucky I left the store. J


Monday I watched the season finale of Damages. I’ll say it again, “Glenn Close is a brilliant sociopath.” IMHO she is the best good-bad character on TV right now.


The best Veggie Tale video ever? How To Be A Good Neighbor. If you watch it, you will forever have these two songs in your head: Where is my hair brush? and I’m Too Busy.


Tomorrow from 9 am - 3 pm (book club is at 6 pm . . . . busy day) I will be attending a video conference at my church. The speaker, Beth Moore, will talk about getting rid of insecurities.  I suspect she is going to tell me things I already know, but ignore because . . . well I don’t trust anything in my head. J


Hugs and Encouragement!