May 9th, 2010


Question . . .

As you know, I attended a writing conference at the end of April. I have shared some of the information I learned. I still have more. Yep! There's more. For example, I learned that EVERYONE has business cards professing themselves to be a writer. I mean everyone. Yes, even the people who have opined part or all of a first draft of a first novel. I have business cards . . . for my full time job. Not for writing. It had not even occurred to me to produce such a thing, given my newbie status. (I have written four novels.) 

I understand the importance of a business card. Really, I do. It simplifies the networking and disseminating information process because the card has your website, email, and other contact information. And let's face it, the opportunity to talk wtih agents and editors draws writers to conferences.  Presenting a business card at the end of a planned or fortuitous meeing shows professionalism. Tearing off a piece of paper from the conference program and scribbling the information does not. 

Despite understanding their importance, I was and still am  . . . shocked  . . . bewildered by the fact that EVERYONE had a business card. I felt like everyone got the memo except me. So I'm wondering just how many people got the memo.

Do you have writer business cards? If yes, what prompted you to make them?