May 27th, 2010


Friday Five

I’m going to Texas to see my parental units this weekend. AND I get to see Sex and the City 2 with my mom and a long time friend. Whoohooo! Ladies Night! (What happens in Texas, stays in Texas. J)


No tornadoes. No rain. However, I do believe someone picked up the state of Oklahoma and placed it a bit too close to hell. It has been HOT. I don’t even want to think about August temperatures. We might bust into a flame.


J.P. and I watched the series finale of LOST again. This means I also got to see baby Alli. She gave my fingers a good nibble. I explained, “Despite the skin color, I do not taste like chocolate.” I don’t think she’s convinced.


I edited one chapter in Diyari Chronicles. It is slow going, but at least it is going. I REALLY like the new ending to the chapter. It is MUCH better than the original. (Of course, three drafts from now I’ll probably scratch my head and wonder what I was smoking when I wrote the scene.)


Four-day work week!!!!! J J



Be Safe this holiday weekend!

Hugs & Encouragement!