June 19th, 2010


Two Sweet Things . . .

1) Just finished reading Fur-Face by jongibbs . It is a charming, funny, smooth read. Snowy is snarky and witty. Billy is such a tender heart. (I'm kinda cheering on Carmen and Billy.) The only flaw I found with this book is that it is not in book form. I know three kiddoes that would LOVE Snowy. If you have not purchased it . . . you are seriously weird . . . well, maybe that is harsh. But you need to purchase it. It's an ebook and you can get it at the typical ebook outfitters. I don't want to say anymore because I know some of my readers have not read it yet. I don't want to spoil their experience. You will enjoy it . . . unless you are a heartless twit. Given I have a heart and I'm not a twit, I don't know what those in that camp will think of it. I think this book is charming enough that it could create a heart in the heartless.  

2) Margherita Pie.  (It is essentially Key Lime pie with a pretzel crust.)  I make A LOT. (I've made it three Saturdays in a row. My friends like to have parties and they like for me to supply the dessert.) The ladies of Chapter 17 (the book club I attend) will be eating this tonight along with pasta and salad. We will be discussing The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. He did a great job with defense mechanisms and capturing psychopathy. And yes, someone dies at the end.