June 23rd, 2010


Summer Laughs!

It seems that many of you guys and gals out there can use some laughs. Read one or all of the following books and a bet your funny bone will be tickled.

You can never go wrong with YA author John Green (Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, Will Grayson Will Grayson). An Abundance of Katherines follows Colin Singleton who revisits his past relationships with girls named Katherine (nineteen of them). He wants to design a mathematical equation that can predict the length of relationships. John Green works with dialogue like chef works with simple ingredients to create a five star meal. 

For you Gaiman and Pratchett fans, you get a two for one deal in Good Omens. An angel and a demon are are assigned the task of monitoring the birth and childhood of the antichrist. The end of mankind requires the child be exposed to all kinds of chaos. Imagine the angel and demon following the wrong child and having to track down the antichrist. The conversations that take place between the angel and demon . . . I laughed soooo hard at times. The end of the book is a tad anticlimatic, but the laughs along the way are so great, you don't care. Oh! There are some great philosophical moments, too.

Kristin Walker's debut YA book A Match Made in High School made me laugh, laugh laugh. I liked the premise of this book. A group of seniors are required to participate in a virtual marriage experience before they can graduate. The kids are randomly assigned a parther with whom they must find and work a job together, create a houselhold budget, find a hobby to do with each other and attend weekly couple's counseling sessions. I laughed out loud so much my mom thought I might be going crazy. I could not put the book down. I read it during my pedicure, at dinner, in between commercial breaks, and while sitting in a movie theater waiting for the movie to start. Sure there are some things that are over the top, but hey, it's fiction.
So I showed you mine, you show me yours . . . or tell me yours.

What books have you read that made you laugh?
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