July 1st, 2010


Friday Five

It’s back . . . my Friday Five.  I know. I know. You have been out of sorts since its absence. Rest easy my dear flister. Here they are, the top five GREAT things of my week.


I saw The Twilight Sage: Eclipse movie . . . TWICE! I know. I know. You’re envious. The first time I saw it was at a drive in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. I ate funnel cake and any candy/junk food you have not eaten since you were . . . oh, I’d say, the age of seven. I’m talking Combos, Pixie Stix, etc. Anyway, the first time I saw Eclipse, I was kinda . . . I don’t know . . . disappointed. Then I saw it with my Twilighters. I LOVED it. I laughed  . . . I got misty eyed . . .  and I questioned my sanity. Why had I not liked it the night before? I have reasons, but I won’t bore you with them. I will say this, however. Even though I liked it better the second go round, I maintain my belief that the editing was rough. Writing really brings out the critical eye for plot inconsistencies. For example, it’s odd watching someone standing outside the morning after a snowstorm and said person is without a coat, gloves, a hat, a shiver, or teeth chatter. But whatever, right?


My Twilighters got worked up over two questions in the annual Tracy’s Pre-Twilight Saga quiz. Every year I make a ten question quiz based on the book for the movie being released. Every year they question my knowledge of the book. And every year I shame them. Every year! When will they learn?  The words of all four books are imprinted on my brain. Stephenie Meyers is the only person who knows those books better than I.


I saw Toy Story 3. I CRIED. Two-tissue cried. I laughed. I was pleased, very pleased.


I will be seeing The Last Air Bender Saturday. I have been waiting to see this movie for months. I am making my mom go with me. Oh! My mom is coming this weekend.


I finally had my last day at work. I am sad to be gone, but I am relieved that I no longer have sad eyes watching my every step. I was starting to feel like a stage four cancer patient . . . everyone just waiting for me to die. I will have the month of July off so I can regroup and get ready for private practice. Hello future!


Hugs and Encouragement!