July 6th, 2010


Facing Life . . .

It has been almost a month since I set aside Diyari Chronicle: Book of Spirited. My protagonists were about to face the antagonist--a real piece of work.  As much as my characters needed me to polish those pages of their first major meeting, my life needed me more. I had to face the reality of my impending umemployment and learn what lurks in the shadows of self-employment. I faced my last day at work, becoming misty eyed briefly (I'm a sucker for a beautiful card with kind words). Boxes from my former office fill my storage space, locked away, out of sight. Now, papers related to private practice and insurance panels wait to be filed. Business cards need to be made.  Professional announcements need to be written. And my characters await my return. Today is the day I return. Today is the day I start working on a new chapter in my psychology career. AND today I give you two songs from the Diyari playlist. My characters and I have some monsters to face, some battles to win, and a happy ending to run toward.

Song I: Papercut by Linkin Park is the theme song for book one. The lyrics capture what the book is about:  what's hiding under the surface.

Song II:  Like a Star by Corrine Baily Rae captures the love story between my protagonists. I love the scene this song goes with . . . it makes me sigh each time. Love is complicated.

It's good to be back in this world.  One of these days I will post a bit of the story. Until then, happy writing.