July 8th, 2010


Friday Five

Yes, they're back, my Friday Five.

I went office supply shopping. I know it doesn't sound like great fun, but for an office supply junkie like myself . . . it might as well have been cake. Okay. maybe that's a tad of an oversale. Just a tad. I did eat a piece of cake after I went shopping, so the day was perfect. Anyhooo. I got new pens and markers and paper and a cool hole punch and  . . . HEY! Wake up. No falling asleep while you're reading my post.

I read three good books this week. Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, Dark Flame by Allyson Noel, and Fallen by Lauren Kate. Of the three, Sisters Red was my favorite. Why? Glad you asked. After reading that book I felt like a psychology god. You remember that I said fear leads good people to do bad things and jealousy is top on the list in the fear category?  No? Well, go to:  tracy-d74.livejournal.com/43361.html Anyhoooo. Ms. Pearce showed how jealousy can complicate things. . . in a protagonist.  Oh! The story was REALLY good, too. And the writing was good. Then Ms. Noel used the early life experiences (traumatic event and neglect/depression) as the motivation for her antagonist.

Saturday I am having several girls over for a girly movie night. We're watching Pride and Prejudice (the most recent version) because one of the girls has never seen it. That movie is such a work of art. The acting. The cinematography. Sigh. I love, love, love that movie.

I got all the things accomplished on my Things to Do List AND I am on another insurance panel. Doctors have to apply to be a provider for an insurance company. When we are approved it means we can get reimbursed for seeing you. So this means I can see clients. It means I can get paid. It means I can keep indoor plumbing.

I edited a chapter and one half in Diyari Chronicles this week. My characters survived an attack by the antagonist, learned a bit about sibling relationships and my protagonists got a taste of her own powers. AND I learned that the character that I want readers to ask "ishe is good or evil," has inadvertantly undergone a trajectory change. I didn't realize I was doing it until I looked at some of my chapters to come. I like how I have changed things . . . but it means some changes further up the road.  He and my protagonist have an interesting relationship. Very hot-cold.

Hugs and Encouragement!