July 16th, 2010


Friday Five

I spent time J.P. and Baby Ally this week. I even got to help out with bath time. Whoohoo! AND . . . yes, there is more . . . I get another baby picture of Ally.  She is taking over my wallet . . . I hope this is not foreshadowing for the future. Of course it is. I just bought her an outfit a few weeks ago just because. Jeez! She's only six months old. I'm in trouble.

I finally found a pink pen.  Whooohoo! I like doing edits with purple, but I really like doing them with pink. Pink makes me happy.  Hobby Lobby is the place to go. (And future persons that will receive edits from me . . . get ready for the pink.)

I got a third earring in my right ear. It is higher up on my ear lobe where the cartilage starts. I love it. (My mom will hate it.)  And the best part? I spent an hour in a tatoo/body pearcing shop waiting to get it done. I had the best conversation.

I got a lot of stuff done for my private practice: business cards made, business cell phone set up, business email and another application for an insurance panel.  Two weeks to go.  

I edited two and one half chapters in DC.  My characters FINALLY kissed. Thank goodness! The tension was killing me. Now they can focus on saving the world in the remaining 130 pages.

Hugs and Encouragement!