July 17th, 2010


Go See Inception . . . You Want to See Inception . . . Must See Inception

Does anyone else plan on seeing Inception? Or have you seen it? I saw it yesterday (Friday) and REALLY LIKED it. It is 2 hours and 28 minutes long and the last 45 minutes I was white knuckled.  Though the movie is long, it did not feel long (Unlike the 2nd Transformer move. Jeez!) Inception is a thinking movie. Meaning?   It is entertaining, but you have to put on your thinking cap. They talk a bit about the science of dreams and how ideas are birthed. Then they show you the process. VERY fascinating. And in my humble opinion, they did a great job with the psychology behind dreams and how emotions fuel ideas.  At times I wanted a bit more information. Then again, maybe it was just right, but my brain was fried from all the thinking.  The special effects were mind-boggling and begged for 3D (Unlike Step It Up # . . . who cares that is in 3D later this summer. WHY? WHY are we using 3D technology on a dance movie? I digress.)  Toward the end of the movie,  they are many layers inside a person's mind and it is fascinating watching the seemless editing.  I strongly recommend the movie. But if you need more of a nudge, fine. If you liked Dark Knight or Memento (I LOVED Memento) then you will like this movie because it is the same director.  How's that for an extra nudge?  (Oh! If you see it, pay attention to the trailer for the next M.Knight Shaylmalan movie, Devil. Yikes. That looks scary.  I think people will never want to ride an elevator ever again.) 

(I hope I planted the idea to see the movie deep enough in your mind.  Heheeheee!)